[ENG] Parent testimonials

The first year is over, here is what the parents of our students say:

✅ Anya:
🍍 “First grade” is over.
I’m so happy that Vienia (son) has the opportunity to study at a wonderful @thelight_school. Even before his birth, I always thought of the school, and wanted for him something better and adapted to real life.
It sometimes seems even unreal, but I believe that it will be even better) A great team that loves, teaches and accepts our little ones.
Thank you for your love and patience 🙈

✅ Svitlana:
It was, without exaggeration, a wonderful first school year for my son.
Remember, Sergiy, how do you tirelessly bugged you about school? And you did it! Our “Light School” is not just an educational establishment, it is a place where children feel comfortable and safe as at home. This is a place where it’s not scrary to make mistakes, and it’s fun and interesting to learn.
A place where teachers are really Mentors and Friends to children.
Thank you Daria, because your kindness and patience is something incredible)) And yet you could find a key to Julian’s heart. Your notes with the wishes of a nice day, he saves in his “treasure box” and sometimes re-reads for me, and this means a lot.
Thanks Roma, you were able to become a real older friend and your name is quite often heard at our home (exclusively in a positive context).
I’m really happy, because we with @fedjastepanets made the right choice, our Julian received not only good knowledge this year, he got what is definitely even more valuable – a sense of his own SELF-WORTH in school, that’s what I once lacked when I was in school.
PS Correcting myself)) I forgot to write about many people who helped our son during the year, sorry, I’m very grateful to you too, it’s a pity that I don’t have not everyone in my facebook to tag.

✅ Yulia:
The the whole school year passed. The school year we lived as parents of the first-graders … And the impressions … 🙂
When a child comes from school with a desire
for “tomorrow” to come, because tomorrow is a school day; when a child is sick, he gets upset because he has to skip classes; when the first words in the morning: “Hurray, today’s the school”; when every lesson and every teacher is beloved; when the child feels just happy – it’s a huge joy to parents. And this school year was joy for us. Thanks to the Christian Alternative School “Light” for:
– making the school have its atmosphere;
– understanding and accepting each child;
– giving not just knowledge, but fully developing every kid;
– having a super individual approach to each child;
– sharing your love with kids every day;
– helping us, parents, be calm for the child, when we give them to you.
We are happy with Igor Kushch that our Maxim is studying at the Light School and endlessly grateful to God for the school, for every teacher, because it is He who does this work for you – fills with love, ideas, and inspiration.
You are constantly in our prayers.
P.S. Not all teachers are on my FB, so I can not tag all of you: Ilona (grammar teacher), Ivanna (English teacher), Olya (Math teacher).

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